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I am living a full life, enjoying my art and painting and spending time with family and friends. I hope you enjoy my paintings as well. I draw special pleasure from positive comments made by patients, their families, and others who enjoy my art.

Friends, family, and new faces gathered at the Positive Exposure Gallery in NYC for my art exhibit. The exhibition, titled Art Heals, features my artwork and documents my story of discovering abstract art through art therapy and transforming barriers into strengths.

I am beyond honored to have my artwork on display at Positive Exposure. I hope you will come out and see it. The exhibition runs through June 30, 2024.

Visit the gallery website for more information: https://positiveexposure.org/

A Locus for Healing Arts
Dr. George admits that he was not overly artistic prior to his injury, but he was so transformed by his healing arts experience that he has made a generous donation to launch the George Family Center for Healing Arts of Rowan University.

The Center will encourage and mentor the next generation of artists, therapists, and practitioners dedicated to using expressive arts to facilitate healing and positive change in their communities and the world.

Edelman CCCA Dean Sanford Tweedie said the Center’s goals will be collaborative and expansive, from patient support to community outreach to exhibiting art.

“Through their work at the George Family Center, Rowan students and professionals will bring arts to South Jersey health care settings including our two medical schools and through our health care partners,” Tweedie said.

Rowan President Ali Houshmand said George is nothing short of inspiring. “Dr. James George is a longtime member of the Rowan community and a friend who leads by example,” Houshmand said. “Thanks to his generous gift, Rowan will help unlock the healing power of creativity. And that may be the greatest gift of all.”

Rowan University to Launch the George Family Center for Healing Arts

GLASSBORO, NJ: Dr. James George is living testament to the healing power of art. Soon, his passion and generosity will bring those transformative capabilities to southern New Jersey through the recently established James E. George, M.D., J.D. & Family Center for Healing Arts of Rowan University.

A reignited love of the arts helped drive Dr. George’s recovery following a catastrophic fall in his home that left the emergency medicine physician quadriplegic. “I know firsthand how the power of creating can be truly therapeutic,” George said. “Practicing art has made and continues to make a huge impact in my recovery and my life.”

In partnership with the Ric Edelman College of Communication & Creative Arts, the George Family Center will foster wellness and growth through expressive arts that heal and inspire.

Art in recovery
Dr. George earned both his medical degree and law degree from the University of Louisville in 1970 and then began a career at the former Underwood-Memorial Hospital in Woodbury, New Jersey. He served his community for decades in his role as an emergency medicine physician until his devastating accident left Dr. George hospitalized for nine days in Jefferson’s neuro ICU, followed by his six-month admission to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia. While at Magee, he regained partial functional use of his non-dominant left arm and leg, and limited use of his right arm and leg.

When he was introduced to art therapy during his in-patient rehabilitation stay at Magee, the miracle of art’s healing ability took hold in ways he never could have imagined.

“My daughter approached the art therapist and asked her to see if I would like to paint,” recalled George, a longtime Rowan University Foundation Board member. “I thought, how can I paint when I can’t use my right arm and hand? But my art therapist encouraged me to use my left hand. Over several days, I became more and more attracted to abstract painting with no limitations, just total artistic freedom.”

Dr. George has donated artwork to Magee and Rowan, where many of his paintings hang on walls at Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine in Sewell and in the offices of the Division of University Advancement in Glassboro, among other locations.

George paints nearly every day and, by his estimate, has completed over 5,000 works of art.

In 2016, I suffered a brain and spinal cord injury after a fall in my home, resulting in a coma and quadriplegia. I ended up spending six months at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, where I discovered great joy in art therapy and painting – ultimately contributing several pieces of my artwork now on display throughout the hospital.

Thank you for visiting my website. Enjoy your tour!

James E. George, MD, JD


“Art therapy is a refuge from the hard physical and emotional work of rehab.
Art heals the mind, body and spirit.”
James E. George, MD, JD

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